Fashion Scandals


  • Original title: Fashion Scandals
  • Director: Loic Prigent
  • Length: 52 min
  • Country: France
  • Year: 2016


The fashion world loves scandals. To be honest, it thrives on juicy and poisonous and sharp and funny scandals.

There are different types of scandals related to fashion. FASHION SCANDALS looks at all of them, doing it in the key of humor and looking for both a drop of tar in the honey pot and revealing and vulgar jokes. The aim of the film is not to list scandals in a neutral Wikipedia style, but to reveal the state of mind of the fashion world and the principle of how to get far without respecting anything or anyone. Fashion lives outside the frame, and therefore all kinds of collisions are frequent, which are sometimes good, and sometimes bad or downright grotesque.

"The fashion world is full of tension, surprise and fantasy. The rules don't apply there." /Wolfgang Joop/