About the festival

I have been involved with fashion films for 10 years now, because one small thought once started a love that continues to this day. I had a love for fashion even earlier, but in 2007, I found a genre for myself in fashion films, which I still love.

This year, the documentaries I have selected will be shown to the audience as part of the independent film festival MoeKunstiKino. Because I have realized that there are others like me. Fashion lovers who are not only interested in the basic colors and trendy cuts of the new season, but who respect and appreciate the ART of fashion. Who care who creates fashion and how and why they do it. Who see something bigger in fashion than just the clothes presented on the backs of beautiful girls at another fashion show.

It is important to understand that fashion is not equal to seasonal trends and glamorous fashion shows, but is a set of signs that contain different messages both on a personal level and on a wider scale. Fashion is a reflection of everything that is current in society. Fashion documentaries reveal the behind-the-scenes of this industry that affects everyone and help to better understand why and how the world of fashion works.

See you at the cinema and in fashion,
Helen Saluveer
Creator of MoeKunstiKino