We Margiela


  • Original title: We Margiela
  • Director: Menna Laura Meije
  • Length: 100 min
  • Country: Belgium
  • Year: 2017


The film explores the legacy and relevance of Belgian fashion designer Martin Margiela's fashion house to today's fashion industry and authorship. The history of the fashion house's formation is presented to viewers in parallel with its creative development and success, focusing on creativity, authorship and economic benefit in the current neoliberal era.

However, these topics are not taken for granted, but the interviews reveal how many of the ideas and designs for which Maison Martin Margiela is now famous were born out of chance and intuition, rather than the result of carefully thought-out concepts. The fashion house is managed with great dedication and in many ways based on gut feeling and taking creative risks.

As Meirens, the co-founder of the fashion house, says: "If you want to please everyone, you won't get anywhere. It is important to be different from others, because in the long run it gives you the freedom not to obey the system."

Fashion designer Marit Ilison will make an introduction to the film screenings.